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America (Go Forth)

"America centre of equal daughters, equal sons
all alike
endure, grown, un-grown, young, or old
strong, ample, fair, enduring, capable, rich,
perennial with the earth
with freedom, law, and love.... go forth"


Incredible India by Andrew Kirkby

Photographer: Andrew Kirkby
from Cape Town, South Africa
shot on his trip across Northern India by railway

Gathering by Samantha Keely Smith

Artist: Samantha Keely Smith
Paintings from 2012-2013
Oil, enamel and shellac on canvas

Lost and Found by Jessica Tremp

Photographer: Jessica Tremp
Shot in Iceland
Icelandic Title: Tapað Og Fundið

Caltagirone by Sigurd Grunberger

Photographer: Sigurd Grunberger
Shot in Caltagirone, Italy for Ferrari Magazine